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In comics everything is possible. Their unique world condenses time and events into hyper-realistic parallel realities using narrative structures. With show #3 named “zeitlabor” by Documenta-artist Martin Walde heldart continues its observation of these parallel realities following up show #2 “journey into unknown worlds – a postapocalyptic tale of humanity”. Martin Walde translates the infinite possibilities of comics and parallel realities into a spacial dramaturgy. “Zeitlabor” (timelab) In „Zeitlabor“ Martin Walde creates a world which lets the audience experience time and space in a laboratory like environment. He communicates the infinity of time and space in a sensually and literally tangible way. A cyborg, a fly, inhabits the „Zeitlabor“. It combines several state of matters in a kind of „time – material mythology“. The space the fly lives in cannot be defined. The fly comes from an undefined space by simultaneously dipping into it. Its living environment is congealed glass and elastic silicon, its appearance painted and illustrative while the movement materializes itself in real human hair.


As the space of the cyborg eludes itself so does time. It is all the more not clear how long in fact a day of a mayfly really stretches. The visitor has to pass the cyborg in order to dive into the show „Zeitlabor“.

1. UNTITLES (FLY, 2011)

Space and time materializes itself partially in the cyborg, UNTITLED (FLY).

. partially materialized time

2. THRESHOLD (2010)

Time and space are dissolved with the door titled „THRESHOLD“ which opens an untterly new universe. Time flows and when it has run out can be sticked back on to the top of the inside door frame. The pink compound starts the process again which is entirely unpredictable in terms of time measuring.  Time itself is painted like a string which dissolves in itself on the floor.

.running time


Space and time seem trapped in an elastic silicon. The flowing yet congealed silicon seems to hold them in an elastic state of matter.

The silicon interacts sensitively with humidity, temperature, tiny breezes. All these elementary conditions manipulate the hardening process of the silicon and define shape and appearance – similar to a mistake a catastrophy.

A master plan shapes the basic form which incorporates the elementary and altering factors and therefor is incapable of foreseeing the outcome. The recepy for secure handling is continuously manipulated.

.elastic time


4. TALES OF PP (2007, 2009)

Time and space become tangible In „Tales of PP (Pink Panther)“. Pink knot like elements function as  characters – each one is unique yet functioning as a hub for infinite extension possibilities emanating from 4 to 6 connectors per character. Space grows closer and closer. Like in philosophy systems and consciousness are built, dissembled, constructed, deconstructed – it is impossibloe to reproduce a circular spacial situation.

Possible drifts of the pink characters in their space are unavoidable and inifinetly large and small at the same time. The limits of space can be experienced through the physical limitations of the skinny carbon sticks – they start to bend.

.spatial time


5. THE RETURN OF PP (2010)

The return of time is coded in a single character which differentiates itself from the pink elements. It is limited by itself since it exists only a single time. It refers to possibilities offered from another time, it is crude and yellow.

.returning time


6. DER DUFT DER VERBLÜHENDEN ALPENROSE (2002/2011) – Installation 2  (smell of a overblown alpenros

The bottle contains ruby red, ethereal fragrance oils and is screwed into the ceiling. It reminds on Manzoni’s Pedestal of the World. The ceiling connects the bottle with the world (the ceiling is ist screw top).

One has to climb a ladder in order to unscrew and smell the fragrances – the smell seems unreachable in the same way time cannot be grabbed. It is a reference to a stretch of time.

It is the smell of overblown – neither blossoming nor faded Alpenrosen. Time seems to be represented in space and is yet withdrawn by quoting the overblown state of the flower which is a stretched moment of now in time. An incomprehensible state of matter is introduced by distorting the absolute.

.stretching time


MG_82571.jpg VISCOELASTIC TIME, 2010
IMG_8290.jpg installation view
IMG_82821.jpg THRESHOLD, 2010
IMG_8228.jpg UNTITLED (FLY), 2011
IMG_82291.jpg UNTITLED (FLY), 2011
MG_8252.jpg installation view
IMG_82061.jpg TALES OF PP SERIE 1 #3, 2007
IMG_83021.jpg installation view
IMG_8300.jpg UNTITLED (PROTOTYP), 2011
IMG_8298.jpg LEAKING, 2011
IMG_8208.jpg TALES OF PP SERIE 1, #1 installation view
IMG_81771.jpg TALES OF PP serie 1, #6 #7, 2007
MG_82451.jpg TALES OF PP serie 1, #6 #7, 2007
IMG_8146.jpg EUR 3,200
IMG_8145.jpg TALES OF PP serie 1 #1, 2007
IMG_8177.jpg TALES OF PP serie 1, #6 #7, 2007
IMG_8163.jpg THE RETURN OF PP, 2010