independence day

Show one shows works by well known American and German artists. The generation spans from the 28 year old Ned Vena to 77 years old Dorothy Iannone. Cultural, art historical, formal and societal boundaries are meshed up and morphed into the very own independence of each artist.


Bernhard Martin,  Daniel Richter, Dieter Roth, Dorothy Iannone, Igor Mishiyev, Joachim Grommek, Matthias Weischer, Ned Vena, Nikolaus List, Raymond Pettibon, Rebecca Morris, Robert Crumb

IMG_01993.jpg Ned Vena Untitled, 2008 <> Thomas Bayrle Pitsch Patsch, 1970
pettibone-basket.jpg Raymond Pettibon Untitled (Measuring up, hit the pitch...)
morris-e1426261930945.jpg Rebecca Morris Untitled